Town Officials

Elected Officials

Mayor: Dick Claar -

Council Member: Ben Glenn -

Council Member: Paul Smoot -

Council Member: Dale Peterson -

Council Member: Austin Smith -

Key Municipal Personnel

Town Attorney: Pat Carpenter

Municipal Judge: Bruce Brown

Cheryl Schneider

Town Engineer: HDR Engineering










Jodi Clark
Deputy Clerk/Treasurer

Building Inspector: Jeff Holberg

Electrical Inspector: State of Wyoming


Voter Registration

Public Records Request

ACH Bank Direct Payment Form


$150.00 utility deposit is required on service accounts.  A copy of a valid driver's license and/or identification card is required.  Auto pay is available for automatic payments to be drafted from your checking or savings each month.  Please inquire at Town Hall.  Credit cards are not accepted at the window, but credit card payments are available online under the Online Payments tab on the website.

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